Express yourself.

 Joshua Lorenzen - Founder & Co-Owner

Joshua Lorenzen - Founder & Co-Owner

That’s the tune we’re humming from the mountain top – or at least from our little corner in the heart of Colorado.  We believe fashion is an outside expression of who you are on the inside - your voice to the world – a display of your internal dialogue. 

For us, that belief translates into what we put on our head – so you can let the world see, and hear, your fashion voice.

Pride  -  Individuality  -  Fashion   -   Design   

This is how we let creativity shine, infusing confidence in our design to inspire you to live out your best day, every day. 


ENZEN was initially inspired from the creation of a Kentucky Derby hat. Unable to find an oversized floppy hat similar to previous years, Joshua turned to a much simpler style: the snapback.

Upon discovering a new found love for putting shit on hats, Joshua began looking for other stylistic inspirations to make hats that could be worn any day of the year. Thus, the Jungle Fever hat was born along with the kickoff of the ENZEN brand.


Enzen's signature hat consists of wooden dowels with colors, images, and/or designs placed upon them.  Each dowel is separated by a stunning glass bead and securely sewn onto each hat.  Enzen takes pride in the structure, design, and materials of each hat knowing that the quality will not disappoint.    

Designing wearable statements – knowing the opportunities of which designs and images can be created on our hats, we offer the ability to buy off the rack or customize for the flavor your craving at the moment.  If you don’t see yourself reflected in our designs, you can just make your own. Send a photo, design, or just an idea to that makes your heart sing, and we’ll turn it into a hat you can be proud of.

Wear Enzen on that beautiful head of yours, it deserves some love. We all do!